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Miley Cyrus fuma salvia (Foto)

Miley Cyrus fuma salvia

Leggi l'articolo: Miley Cyrus: fuma salvia con bong, ecco foto scandalo

miley cyrus scandalo droga

La bellissima e giovanissima cantante americana Miley Cyrus è stata fotografata dai suoi amici mentre fumava salvia con un bong. Le foto stanno facendo il giro del mondo. Il padre si è subito scusato a suo nome.

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BriiDestination} 01 novembre 2011, 17:02
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So. Everyone knows that while Miley was smoking salvia, there was Anna Oliver, the bitch that made ​​the video and sold it to TMZ. So? has long been that nearly all Miley fans see it as a bad example. . Needless to say, "scandal for Miley Cyrus" for me, you can say everything, I will always be his fans, and even if you do not know her closely, and we never talked about, this is the fact: Anna OLIVER was so OF EVIL EXAMPLE FROM THEM SMOKING DRUGS! And of course, Miley did not know what it was, because in my opinion, Anna told her to smoke it, you were a glass of vodka or something like that. . think so!

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